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Every natural disaster is an opportunity to help those in need.


Donate to Chatham Cares

Many have asked us how they can help Chatham Cares when they cannot purchase items and bring them to the drop-off locations. Well, another way you can help is by donating money. All money collected goes toward purchasing supplies that are needed.

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Thank you, Chatham Cares, for sharing your time and helping us after Hurricane Florence. Through your help, we were able to reach, and connect with, far more of our community than we ever could on our own. Thank you!

Tammy C. 

Thank you so much for collecting all the donations and bringing them to us after Hurricane Florence. Thank you for all the workers who came to help. Your people had such great spirits and worked so hard to serve our community. May the Lord bless you and continue to bless others through you!

Russ & Sarah M. 

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