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About Chatham Cares

How did we begin?

Chatham Cares initially began in 2017 as a one-time desire to send disaster relief supplies to Hurricane Irma victims in Naples, Florida. Josh Smith (Director of Chatham Cares) conveyed his desire to help the hurricane victims in Florida to his pastor, Dr. Mark Agan (Pastor of Community Baptist Church in Siler City, NC). Together, they began to plan, organize, and build a team of volunteers from the church, along with the support and help of Sheriff Mike Roberson and the Chatham County Sheriff's Office.

Why the name Chatham Cares?

Although this was a ministry of Community Baptist Church in Siler City, it was not the desire of Josh nor Pastor Agan to make this ONLY about Community Baptist Church. This was not about promoting their church; it was about uniting Chatham County together toward the common goal of helping those whose lives were devastated by a disaster. It was decided that instead of calling it "Community Cares," they would call it "Chatham Cares."

Our Vision

It is our desire that, first and foremost, the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified through Chatham Cares, above everything else.


Our next goal is to provide basic necessities (such as water, food, etc) that are so needed during a disaster. The Bible is our example of showing love and compassion for those in need.


Matthew 25:35 "For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:"


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